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Our experienced and qualified management team has a combined 30 years of extensive experience and expertise in the Language access services industry.

Company Advantages

Tungez has the following advantages compared to competitors:

  • Brand loyalty – long-standing relationships with customers
  • Brand value – many repeat customers
  • Community – long-standing relationships with experienced interpreters and translators
  • Satisfied Customers– we pick up the phone, solve problems, and exceed customer expectations
  • Personalized – we tailor solutions to meet customer requirements

Detailed Description of Customers

The company markets to organizations of all sizes and individuals in need of on-demand, affordable interpretation, translation, and localization solutions. Our current customers are many schools, hospitals, courts, funeral homes, government agencies, trade shows, law firms, private citizens, and corporations.

Our target customers wish to:

  • Comply with U.S. language access regulation
  • Improve healthcare, judicial and public service literacy
  • Eliminate language barrier in consumer understanding of their products and services
  • Meet requirements for document authenticity
  • Enter new markets and a build community with products and services
  • Transform consumer experience
  • Record exponential sales growth

Mission Statement

To provide quality and affordable access to translators and interpreters, both onsite and virtual, for many languages.

Vision Statement

Different Languages, One Meaning
To help you communicate with the world

Company Profile

Registered Name: Tungez D b a H-I Translating & Interpreting LLC
Mailing Address: 6100 Oak Tree Blvd., Suite 200, Independence, OH 44131
Headquarters: Mclean, VA
Membership, registrations, Certifications: Northeast Ohio Translation Association (NOTA)
Phone: 440-526-6688
Email: [email protected]

Reach Out to Us!

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